The Print-taking Process for your Fingerprint, Paw Print & Handprint Jewellery


Silver Handprint, Footprint and Pet Print Jewellery

An Inkless Wipe kit with full instructions will be forwarded to you to take your required prints. The wipes are completely safe and mess free, they were developed in USA for use in maternity wards. There will be enough room on the paper to take 2 or 3 prints (or even more depending on the age of the child) as this will allow me to select the best one for use. Once received your prints are made into the jewellery of your choice. If you already have some prints you would like to use these can usually be scanned and emailed over, quality permitting. Please contact me when placing your order to let me know.

 inkless wipe kits, personalised jewellery

Silver Fingerprint Jewellery

An impression kit containing a special mould and full instructions will be sent out to you. This allows you to take the print in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. Each kit contains enough to take 2 moulds so if the first one dosen't go to plan there is a back up! The mould will begin to dry out once exposed to the air so simply keep them in their sealed bags until you are ready to take your prints. Please note that whilst I am more than happy to use fingerprints at any age, it is recommended that the child is at least one year old to ensure a more defined print. The younger the child, the less developed the print is and as a result the less defined the impression will be, although you will still have a lovely fingerprint shape to remind you of how tiny they once were!

fingerprint jewellery impression kit

Both Impression kits also contain an approval form for you to confirm any inscriptions and your preferred layout of prints (if more than one print/charm is ordered) and a pre-paid envelope for you to return everything to me. Once received I will send you an acknowledgement email and work will begin on your silver keepsake jewellery. Delivery of your finished item will usually be within 2 weeks of your acknowledgement email, however as each piece is crafted entirely by hand this can be lengthened by heavy workloads so please allow up to 3 weeks before getting in touch.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your prints you may purchase additional Impression Kits here.

It is also possible to have small gemstones added to your keepsake to give them that extra sparkle. Please Contact Me if you are interested in this design option or would like to discuss a bespoke design of your own.