Essentia By Love Lily Rose

Inspired by symbolism derived from Native American cultures, Essentia By Love Lily Rose reimagines the talismanic properties of dreamcatchers and other qualities assocaited with protection, positivity and inner strength. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted and designed to become personal amulets imbued with memories and sentiment.

Reflecting current trends the collections are designed to be worn layered, stacked and mix matched so you can curate your own Essentia Collection that shows your personal style and beliefs. Luxurious sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil jewellery that aims to inspire and show your spirit.


Beautifully handcrafted designs that are the epitome of everyday luxury. Centered around the our original Dreamcatcher design, this is fashionable, versatile jewellery that aims to inspire and show your spirit.

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Handmade Sterling Silver and Semi-Precious Jewellery
Oriana Halo Interchangeable Necklace


An exciting interchangeable necklace concept that allows you to mix and match layers to suit your individual style. Each charm has been chosen for its symbolic meaning. The Oriana Halo is shown here which symbolises unity, life and family.

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